10 Eco Friendly Benefits of Prefabricated Steel Buildings

There are plenty of obvious benefits with prefabricated steel buildings, but many do not realize the actual eco-friendly perks. As the threats of global warming, pollution and over population become more and more publicized, the world actively seeks viable solutions to lesson, and eventually eliminates some of the issues. It might seem somewhat shocking, but steel is a green living, storage and over all building solution.

Those that want to take steps towards utilizing a more eco friendly building for living, business, storing supplies, or whatever else could be considered beneficial, will find pre fab steel to be well worth looking into. Steel has always been a realistic building material, as it is the basic bones of many a skyscraper and other structures. What actually come as a surprise to a lot of individuals, is the environmentally friendly aspects of using steel for shelter.


How is pre fab steel useful in the “green” world?

Well, for starters, here are a few of the most obvious ways steel can be environmentally friendly:

  1. When it comes to recycling, the most recycled material in the world is steel.
  2. Steel is one of the very few 100% recyclable materials.
  3. Most steel framing for buildings can contain around 90% recycled steel.
  4. Greenhouse emissions are lessoned via recycling steel instead of using virgin steel.
    Inorganic steel is NOT a mold friendly surface.
  5. Steel is not an insect friendly material, eliminating the danger of destructive bugs like Termites.
  6. Insulating a steel building eliminates over 50% energy consumption.
  7. Metal is one of the longest lasting construction materials, more so than wood, aluminum, or anything else.
  8. Steel is not land fill material, but instead can always be recycled when its current usefulness expires.
  9. Unlike many substances, steel has no limits on the number of times it can be recycled.

There are a multitude of benefits when it comes to using prefabricated steel buildings, but being eco friendly is most assuredly one of the greatest. The use of Pre fab structures opens the door to entire business parks, subdivisions, and storage areas of nothing but green technology. There is no limit to the positive side of steel.

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